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We Put Facility Control in the Palm of Your Hand

IMpower Automation uses the industry's top brands to meet our clients' automation needs throughout New England.

Utilizing a vast knowledge base of automation products, we have been able to create successful, multi-platform integrations in order to provide real, whole-facility management. HVAC, Process, Agriculture, Home or Energy: We can do it all.

No matter your level of experience, we are here to  IMpower the User.

With almost twenty years of experience in the industry, we have been both users and creators of facility management systems. Because of this, we have never forgotten what it was like to be overwhelmed by the complexity of a system or to feel the accomplishment of understanding and improving one for our customers.  Because of the experiences of our journey, we have been able to weave them into our mission statement: IMpower the User.  No matter what their background, whether they are technical, managerial, or a sometime user, everyone should have the confidence to operate their facility management system. So, that is our commitment. If it is a more intuitive, straight-forward approach to the interface, tuning a system to run more efficiently and effectively, or to train the personnel that aren't quite as confident as they could be in their command of the system.


We are here to IMpower the User.

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