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IMpower Automation offers a wide array of services ranging from system service to new installations of entire facilities management systems.


Name, Title


-System additions       


-Troubleshooting and replacement of failed components       

-Seasonal changeovers   


-Recommissioning of older systems   


-Creation of energy efficiency strategies and deployment   

System Services

HVAC Automation   and Integration

-20 years of experience installing and servicing HVAC controls   


-A wide range of installations from commercial, industrial, healthcare, military, and manufacturing


-Complex applications including clean room pressurization, operating room and museum relative humidity control, manufacturing de-humidification control, 100% outdoor air make-up units, and energy recovery systems.   

Process Control and Automation

 -Waste water recovery and recycling   


-Automated wash systems   


-Indoor farming operations   


-Outdoor greenhouses and barns       


-Irrigation systems

Energy Upgrades  

-Prescriptive and customized incentive applications       


-Net metering   


-Demand reduction strategies


-Cost-saving strategies

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