Cultivation Facilities

Analysts project that the Massachusetts cannabis industry will be a billion dollar business by the year 2021, eventually creating 20,000 full time jobs.

We have helped New England based cannabis cultivation companies achieve stellar results in quality, yield and consistency.  It is important to IMpower Automation that customers realize the full potential of their facilities and are able to control them with confidence, ease and understanding.


IMpower Automation has developed revolutionary methods to maximize efficiencies for indoor cannabis cultivation  by integrating all major systems with state of the art facilities management hardware and software.  Our integrations put control of all major systems into your hands, they compile and export or store your data, giving you the resources to analyze trends and to maximize your yield.

CultivationFacilityBirdseye copy.png

Our monitoring software is easily accessed 24/7 from a laptop or smartphone.  Keep an eye on lighting and fertigation schedules, easily retrieve key data points like temperature and relative humidity.  Understand trends and use that data to put into action future plans to increase crop quality, yield and grow times and deliver a vastly superior product.


Attention to the smallest detail yields the greatest result.  We tune our systems to absolute precision so that cultivators can deliver the highest pedigree, consistently.  Our goal is to IMpower our clients so that they can focus on their craft knowing that all systems are working in unison at the utmost efficiency.    

Proven Results

We are tried, tested and true, with unrivaled, real world results.   If you are serious about cannabis cultivation IMpower Automation is the clear choice.   We are the quality choice in New England when it comes to automating cannabis cultivation.  We take absolute pride in every ounce of our work.  We will work in concert with your entire cultivation team, getting your grow up and running, delivering your first harvest and the many more to come.